Wednesday, August 2

Who are Keephatch Friends?

The Friends of Keephatch Local Nature Reserve is a newly formed group of concerned local residents who have come together to provide a 'pool' of enthusiastic volunteers to help maintain the area and open spaces which are designated as the ‘Keephatch Local Nature Reserve’; you may hear this Group referred to simply as 'Keephatch Friends'.

'Making a difference in the community'
Their main role is to assist the Wokingham Borough Council Countryside Service in maintaining the recreational and conservational facilities which these areas provide as part of the overall environmental amenity, for the benefit of everyone who lives here.

The principal aims of Keephatch Friends are twofold:
  1. To encourage and promote voluntary support to the WBC Countryside Service in maintaining the four compartments of land designated as Keephatch Local Nature Reserve (LNR)

  2. Through the LNR, to provide a focal point for residents to become actively interested and involved in their local environment thereby maintaining its natural ambience, providing enjoyment and recreational facilities for all visitors and discouraging opportunities for anti-social behaviour