Wednesday, August 2

What is a Local Nature Reserve?

Local Nature Reserves (LNR) are specifically designated areas of land owned, managed and maintained by the Wokingham Borough Council Countryside Service whose aim is to provide day-to-day management and conservation – the Countryside Service is based at Dinton Pastures Country Park and an important feature of their work is the active involvement of local communities.

The avenue of Horse-Chestnuts in Keephatch Woodland

The aim of the WBC Countryside Service is:

'To balance the conflicting demands made upon the area by conservation and recreation'

Their objectives are, through:

Biodiversity - to:

Maintain and enhance the woodland and scrub habitat
Maintain and enhance the pond habitat
Maintain and enhance the grassland habitat
Monitor and record the wildlife

Interaction - to:

Welcome visitors
Maintain access and the integrity of the site boundaries
Actively involve local communities
Regularly to evaluate success of on-going management