Wednesday, August 2

Keephatch Local Nature Reserve

Within Keephatch there are four specific ‘compartments’ of land which have been designated by Wokingham Borough Council as being of special environmental and conservational importance; these are known collectively as Keephatch Local Nature Reserve.

Here is a map showing the location of these - just click on the map for a closer and more detailed view.

Keephatch Local Nature Reserve

  • Compartment 1 - running along the western side of Keephatch Road
  • Compartment 2 - the area surrounding and including Willowherb Pond but excluding the playing field
  • Compartment 3 - the area surrounding and including the 'un-named' pond, by Binfield Road/Twycross Road/Dyer Road
  • Compartment 4 - Keephatch Woods
Within the areas, there is woodland with oak, birch and horse-chestnut, sycamore, Norway maple and ash and there are two open ponds with margins of reeds and vegetation; the site of a third very small former pond also exists within the woodland and there are areas of amenity mown grassland. The ponds are thought to date back to the latter part of the 19th Century.
'Bluebells in Keephatch Wood' by George Ogden

There is a considerable variety of wildlife including deer, rabbits, squirrels as well as numerous species of birds and insects. The areas contain no ‘Public Rights of Way’ although visitors are welcome but horse-riding is prohibited in the woodlands.

Work has already begun to improve the areas and to increase public awareness of their importance; access points and signage have been installed. Some vegetation in the woodland has been cleared and a programme of continuing conservation and management is now being actively pursued.